About Alissa Lindner

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to check out Alissa Lindner Designs.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Alissa and I was raised in central Minnesota. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Dan since 2008, and together we have two great kids, Jack and Lily.

I have been a hair stylist since 2003 and took a leap in 2014 when I opened my own salon. Being a hair stylist has always filled my need for being creative and I’ve enjoyed it very much.

In winter of 2018 I started falling in love with Pendleton and decided to make myself a scarf. I went to my sisters house (since I didn’t own a sewing machine) and she helped me create my first ever piece. Every time I wore it people asked where I got it... and the rest is history.

I don’t know how to read patterns and everything I do is basically trial and error. I choose every pattern and color and they are all hand sewn and unique. That is my favorite part of what I do... no bag is the same.

As you can see I’ve fallen deeper in love with Pendleton and leather, and surprisingly I’ve fallen in love with sewing too. If you would have ever told me I would be doing this I would have said you were crazy. But... here we are. 😉


I hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks again for stopping by my page!

With love,